Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You have crossed a huge line when you comment and call in to question my professional integrity. You seem to be hung up and this story being for my sexual enjoyment, and that is not the case, nor has anything in this story been sexual so get over it. I do not work for a school board or with teenage boys and the implication of something sinister or criminal toward me based on the "few sentences" you read crosses a line that you should not dare cross. I'm confident in saying that since you are so highly opinionated you have never admired a picture of an attractive young man (and the last time I checked, 19 was legal everywhere in the world). Is it my age that is offending you so much? Would you feel better if I was a 16 or 26 year old girl writing a story? You have no idea how old I am, you are assuming based on the fact I have two teenage boys. How do you know I am not 25 years old and married to an older man who had these children from a previous marriage? You don't; so stop making assumptions about situations you know nothing about. That's the thing about these stories, they are fiction and for all you know, my entire profile could be fiction too!
How did you find this story that offends you so much? I don't advertise it and to my knowledge the only place you could have found out about it was by reading another story or by seeing it posted on Sidney Crosby's girlfriend board. The last time I checked Sidney was the same age as Kris - hello pot meet kettle.
Again, I'm sorry you are so offended by the story but for the love of god DON'T READ IT!


  1. Yeah, I did read it on Sid's board... and your point? I'm 24, and I sometimes go there to check up on Pens and Sid news. I don't post there, but so what if I did? What does that have to do with fanfics anyways? Yes, a small percentage of mothers of teenage boys are young women married to much older men with teenage sons of their own from an older mother, however that is an unlikely scenario which is why I assumed the most likely. Whether or not they are your biological children is not the real issure. You are the MOTHER of TEENAGERS and lusting over pics of TEENAGERS. THAT is my point.

    As far as your profession, I did call your integrity into question because last night I caught a glimpse of your Sid fanfic (it was linked on your profile page) and what I read was romantic. There was a very similar scenario with one of my male high school teachers and he was suspended over it. It was made very public in the local news.

    As I've said, I chose to comment on this fanfic because of my connection to his family and the inappropriate death references which I believe are disrespectful to what he has actually gone through.

    If anyone has crossed any kind of line, I believe it is YOU!

  2. One more thing, if you find nothing wrong or sexual about your fanfics or being married with a family (of teenagers) and writing fanfics and admiring shirtless pictures of teenagers/early twenty aged men I have some questions for you:

    Do you tell your adult friends (real friends not internet friends) about your fanfics and invite them to read them?

    Do you tell your neighbors about your fanfics and invite them to read them?

    Do you tell your children about your fanfics and invite them to read them?

    Do your mother and father know about your fanfics and have they read them?

    Would you tell your co-workers about your fanfics and invite them to read them?

    Would you mind if your boss read your fanfics?

    If you could not honestly answer "yes" to ALL of these questions then why not?

    I beleive there is something sexual and morally wrong about your position and the content of these fanfics! MY OPINION!

  3. Sorry to break up the Love Fest going on here, but do you hear yourselves? Not just one person specifically, but all of you. I understand that there are strong opinions out there, believe me I do. But this is not that "girlfriend board" or whatever, could we please not have the drama. Like it or not, every one is entitled to writing there own story on here and what they do with that story, who they tell about the story, and any confidentiality is left up the writer and the writer alone. She has already let us read her writing but we don't need to worry about her personal life, that's hers to worry about. If she wants to share something about her that is her decision.

    It is also your right to comment her story and express your dislike for it. Feel free to express your opinion, as you so adamently put. But really? Do we really need to cause drama? If you don't like fan fics then you don't like Fan fics, that simple. You are not forced to read them. Blogger is supposed to be a place of free expression. Some of us are not able to express ourselves in lyrics, fine arts, or speech. Sometimes writing is the only way to get stuff out. This is an escape from everyday life for writers. The hassles of the world dissolve if just for a few minutes. Writing is a gift that should not be squandered.

    We have enough going on in this world, why are we creating more fighting? It's ridiculous. I'm sorry but I was hoping I would never see one of these fights on Blogger, especially not on this writer's work.

  4. I agree, I feel this arguement has gone far enough and I've made my point and stand firmly behind it. In my father's school district these type of fanfics are obviously not illegal (as I never claimed they were), but are certainly inappropriate and would warrant reprimanding. I will not continue to post here unless comments are directed towards me or what I've said, in which case I WILL respond. If you wish to continue this arguement may I suggest to do so in private, by email. My email address is available upon request.