Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chapter 13

His kiss sent jolts of electricity through her body exactly the way it had a year ago. Brie instantly melted into his broad chest and soft lips. She didn't ever want this to end, but her mind was racing a million miles an hour.
'Was this really happening?' "Did he just say he loved me too?''Always have?'
She struggled to pull away from him but finally broke free of his embrace and looked into those dark pools of chocolate.
"What did you just say?" she asked slowly.
He smirked at the look of confusion on her face.
"I said I love you too Brielle."
He waited for her response.

He'd been waiting a year for the opportunity to say those three words to her. It had crushed him to have to break her heart the way he did, but he knew he had no choice. She was just crazy enough to throw her dreams away to be with him and he couldn't let her do that. Shattering her heart had made his first year of juniors even tougher than it needed to be. He had made a few close friends with guys on the team, but as far as a social life went, he stayed away from it. He avoided parties and going out with the guys and he avoided the 'girls' that hung around the arena looking to pick up a piece of ass. He attended everything that was mandatory for the team and his personal appearances that he had to do; other than that, he preferred to stay at home with his billet family. They were an older couple who's two sons had played hockey their entire lives. The boys; Nathan and Jordan, were both playing in university now; one at Michigan and the other at Carleton. The Kelly's had made the season bearable. Mrs. Kelly knew everything there was to know about Brie. She had spent many nights listening to Kris talk about her, their life together, and how much it had broke him to leave her behind. She reassured Kris that he had done the right thing by not letting her throw her life away to follow him. Some days it helped; most days it didn't. But right here, right now, he had the opportunity to fix it.

"I don't...get it."
"What's there to get Brie? You love me and I love you."
"Yeah, you said that already."
"Brie, I've waited a year to say those words to you. Can we not over think this right now and just celebrate the fact that we love each other and it's finally out in the open?" he questioned as he leaned in to kiss her again.
Brie hesitated and pulled back for a moment. She was so confused and needed to talk about this and over think it. Her life had been miserable for the last year and now all of a sudden he loves her back? But looking in his eyes melted her heart and she gave in.
The moment their lips met sparks flew once again. His arms snaked around her waist and up into her hair. She melted into his arms and grabbed onto the back of his t-shirt. His lips were gentle and moved slowly at first. As he ran his tongue over her lips she let out a low moan and spread her lips allowing him to enter. Their tongues tangoed together perfectly and she was lost. Lost in the moment, lost in the fantasies she had about this happening and the last year completely melted away.

"Ahh hem. Sorry, looks like I'm interrupting something."
The voice jolted Brie back into reality and she jumped back away from Kristopher.
"Yes you are so go away," Kris growled. He moved closer to Brie and wrapped his arm around her waist.
"Rob, what are you doing here?" Brie asked.
"Well, I thought I'd come by and see if I could take you to dinner tonight."
"She's busy," Kris stated to both Brie and Rob's surprise.
"Kris, please," Brie said shooting him a glare.
"What's going on Brie? You told me the other night that you two hadn't talked in a year. I'm a little confused here."
"So am I Rob, trust me. This just kind of happened."
"Well, I'm not sure," she said looking back and forth between the two. "I was sitting on the swing and the next thing I knew..."
"I told her something I should have told her a year ago," Kris interjected.

There was a long silence between the three as they all kind of just looked at each other.
"Ohhhhhhhhh I get it," Rob chuckled. "Does this have anything to do with our little run in this morning Letang?"
"What run in this morning?" Brie asked searching both their eyes for answers.
"Oh you didn't tell her Kris? Well then let me do the honours. Kris and I ran into each other at the gym this morning didn't we Kris?"
Kris just glared at him.
"Yeah. You see we got to talking and seems good old Kris here wasn't very happy to hear about our date the other night."
Brie looked at Kris, searching his face for answers but got none.
Rob continued.
"Kris here was so pissed off that you went out with me that he he picked me up by the throat the told me if I didn't stay away from you he kill me, isn't that right Kris?"
"Kristopher! Is that true?" Brie asked with a hint of disgust in her voice.
"That's not exactly how it happened Brie. Let's just go inside and talk about everything privately," he said grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the house.
"Why so you can twist the truth and make her believe your lies."
"Okay, just stop!" Brie yelled. "What the hell is going on here?"
"I'll tell you want going on. Kris can't stand the fact that we went out and now he's doing everything he can to sabotage us."
"That's a fucking lie and you know it Taylor! Brie, I love you. Let's just go inside..."
"Love her?!" Rob screeched. "Are you serious?"
"Brie, don't pay any attention to him. Let's go in the house and I'll explain everything."
Brie sat down on her swing; the place that had given her so much comfort and clarity over the years. If there ever was a time she needed clarity, it was now.
"Brie," Rob started as he knelt down in front of her and rested his hands on her legs.
Kris' blood started to boil.
"You told me that you told Kris that you were in love with him and he looked you in the eyes and said he didn't feel the same way. He broke your heart Brie. Do you think it's a coincidence that he found out we were dating and now all of a sudden he loves you? He hates me Brie. This is just his way of trying to keep you away from me." Rob's words were tender and soft and he gently rubbed her leg as he spoke the words he knew would break her heart all over again.
Tears began to roll down down her rosy cheeks. Her head was spinning and she felt like she was going to throw up. Could this seriously be happening? She had waited for this day for they last year, hell she waited for this day her whole life and now it was all crashing down around her.
She wiped the tears from her cheeks and looked Kristopher in the eyes. If he lied, she'd be able to tell.
"Is this true Kristopher?"
"No! Some of it, like yes I do hate him,and it makes me sick to my stomach to think that you might actually date this creep but that's not why I told you I love you. I have always loved you Brie, I just couldn't tell you before."
"Why not?"
"Yeah Kris, enlighten us," Rob piped up.
"Why don't you fuck off and leave! This is between me and Brie."
"Actually, it involves all three of us."
"Would you two just stop, you're making my head hurt! Why couldn't you tell me before Kris? Why now?"
"Can we talk about this inside...alone?"
"No, we can talk about it right here, right now."
"Brie, I love you; I've always loved you. When you told me you were in love with me it totally threw me for a loop. And then you started talking about not going to school and coming with me and I couldn't let you do that. I couldn't let you throw your life away to follow me. I had to let you go; it broke my heart Brie but I had to do it...for you," he said quietly taking her hands in his.
"Kristopher, I don't know what to say," she said barely above a whisper.
"I about bullshit! That's a touching story Letang, but Brie's a smart girl. Do you really think she's going to buy that bs? Come on Brie. He had the chance to tell you he loved you a year ago and he blew it. Now that you're finally moving on he'll say whatever it takes to reel you back in. Open your eyes. If he really loved you as much as he says he does, he never would have let you go; he never would have broken your heart."
"Brie, that's not true. I did it to protect you, I..."
"Stop! I can't listen to anymore, my head is spinning and I don't know what to believe," she said getting up and walking towards the house. "I need time to process this."
"Brie wait," they both said following behind her.
"Seriously, you both need to go. Just leave me alone. If and when I'm ready to talk to either of you, I'll let you know."
With that she disappeared into the house leaving both men wondering when they'd see her again.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

If you read my other story you know what's been going on in my life lately so I won't bore you with the details again. If you don't, I'll just say that writing has unfortunately taken a back burner to life. However, I will be writing again soon. I hope to have this story updated by the end of the week at the latest.
Thank you so much to those of you who faithfully follow this story and take the time to post your comments; I love them and they really give me the incentive to keep writing. So stick with me and hopefully I'll have an update soon...and hopefully it will be worth the wait!