Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dear kj
I'm sorry you feel so strongly about this story that you felt the need to post your comment twice.
First of all, I fail to see how this story is disrespectful to Kris or is based on real and tragic events in his life. The only thing true in this story so far is the fact that he is going to play junior hockey and last time I checked, nearly every player in the NHL did that. If you are implying that I am going to incorporate the very real, very tragic death of Luc Bourdon in this story, save your disdain because you can't possibly know what is in store for the future of this story.
Secondly, fan fics are exactly that; a fictional story about someone you are a fan of. That is what this story is - fiction. If there are similarities between my story and his real life, it is by pure coincidence and not the result of dillusional fantasies or any kind of creepy stalking to find out information about his life. I am a fan of the game of hockey and of Kris Letang. Kris is a talented player and I admire him for the way he plays the game and the kind of person that he is. Not that I need to defend myself, but I assure you I am not a lonely housewife in sloppy clothes, fantasizing about a young hockey player because I feel neglected. I have no dillusional fantasies of having a romantic relationship, or any relationship for that matter, with anyone. These stories are merely a creative outlet for people who love to write, nothing more, nothing less. And just for the record, I am NOT old enough to be his mother.
Finally, I don't have to ask myself how Kris or his family would feel about this story if they read it, I am not writing a sexual fantasy or about real life tragedies, and there are far worse things that have been and will be written about him (read some of the other fan fics or girlfriend boards etc.). That is after all something that comes with being a public figure. What I will ask is this: if you are so offended by the story, why are you reading it? I believe in the right to free speech and that everyone is entitled to their opinion, so thank you for voicing yours and commenting on my little story; but in the future make sure you have your facts straight before commenting and please feel free not to read my story!


  1. No, I did not read it - just a few sentences, it was far too disturbing. Yes, I have seen far wore fanfics out there about other public figures. Just because they exist as well does not make them right.

    Not that it's any of your business, but I happen to know Kris's family which is why I took greater offense to it than others.

    As I said, would you want 60 year old men writing romantic fantasies about you based on real events in your life and posting them online, encouraging others to read them? I'd hope not!

    I also happen to find this particularly disturbing coming from "the mother of two teenage sons". Did it ever occur to you the shirtless pocture of Kris you lust after posted on this webpage was taken when he was 19 - that's a teenager if you did not know!

    How does the school board where you work feel about one of its teachers writing romantic fanfics about young men half thier age? If it were a 40+ year old man posting romantic/sexual fantasies about very young girls half thier age I'd think that would be an issue! Just because you are a female writing about a young male doesn't make it any less disturbing. If young men is your thing, you shouldn't work for a school!

    No matter what, publicly exploiting people's personal lives for your own sexual enjoyment is WRONG! Kris is a wonderful young man and it's sad that you've made him a part of some sick fantasy of yours, made it public, and advertised it.

    As I said, there may be others out there, but I happened to come across this one. You asked for comments, and I felt compelled to speak my mind.

  2. well I happen to also know kris! im sids cousin an have met him plenty of times..The boys know about my stories and of the ones I read! The guys ive talked to about them find them funny.They do know they are FAN FICS!!! Like she said in the post. If you dont find something appealing about this story which i dont see the problem with anyways then go right on ahead an NOT read it. She is a very good writer and I along with the others reading it would love for her to continue reading it. As for the hole picture thing, I HAVE SEEN WORSE of hockey players with girls an such everywhere. That was posted on the internet..I as well as many other Pens fans are free to look at it. It does not make her wrong or anyone else wrong for looking at it. It isnt inapropriate in any kind of way. He has his shirt off! OMG! You can see the same thing if you go to a Pens party over the summer. It is no where near wrong! But anyways...Keep writing cause I love your story.:]

  3. Dear Pensfan4life,
    Can you please just do us all a favor and delete KJ's comments. He/she (whatever the hell the pain in the ass is) isn't worth dealing with.

    P.S- I love this story and would appreciate an update sometime soon : )

  4. WOW!!!!! Ok 1st off please don't let anything she has said discourage you in any way. You are a truly gifted writer and I absolutly love your stories. I usually don't get a chance to comment sine I read these stories on my phone which doesn't let me comment but when I saw this I had to get on-line and say something.

    KJ, if you find fan fiction so disgusting and disturbing why are you on the lookout for it and trying to read it? That makes absolutly no sense whatsover. Keep your month shut if you don't know what your talking about because your not welcomed here. If you've only read a few sentences how could you possibly know how this story goes or what it is about? You don't! I'm all for people speaking their mind but when you don't know what your speaking about you need to not open your damn mouth in the 1st place. So please don't come here if you don't like it. Please keep your opinions to your self and go have a grand old time with "Kris's family" wink wink ;)

    Pensfan4life, again please do not let this derranged person bring you down, fan fiction is an escapse, one that I enjoy and I'm sure you do too. So keep it up you're fantastic and don't let anyone tell you differently!!!!!! Happy New Year! :-)

  5. PensFan4life I think we can assume that KJ is gone. She gave you her comment and since she finds fanfic so distasteful I'm guessing she won't be visiting this blog again. So life goes on, you keep writing and we'll keep reading.Thanks!

  6. Well, first of all, like it or not, I DO have a right to be here. I have the right to go to any website I please and to make my comments known if the forum is available to do so. Because I do not agree with you does not revoke my "right" to be here as long as this site is made public.

    Delete my comments if you like, I guess that just means you took them to heart. I stand by my opinion.

    Yes, I know you have a few fans that are defending you as I expected they would. After all, they are fans of your story so of course they will defend your writing.

    No, I can honestly say I have never read a fanfic - not more than a paragrapgh but I'm not completely oblivious to them, I do know they exist!

    Genosgirl71: I read what you said, but honestly, would you expect them to say anything impolite especially to Sid's cousin? They probably do find them funny, but coming from a 40 year old, THAT is creepy!

    As far as him having his shirt off - I have no issue with it and I'm well aware that you can see nearly every hockey player with thier shirt off. My issue is with the fact that the MOTHER OF TWO TEENAGE BOYS who works at a SCHOOL has a pic of him shirtless as a teenager - 19 (which, let's not play stupid here, was posted because she thinks he's hot and lusts at his body). If she were a man and this were a young girl I believe any school would have a problem with this!

    Once again, no, I am no fan of fanfics, especially ones that are loosely based on real events or family members. You all are fans, and I'm sure you disagree with me, so don't bother posting and telling me how fanfics are harmless as I already figured out that much. I find them disturbing and disrespectful when posted on the internet for everyone to read and that's my opinion.

    Once again, I spoke out about this fanfic because I have a connection to Kris's family and I was particularly disturbed and the death references as well as the age and position of the author.

    I've said everything I've needed to and I've made my point.