Monday, July 26, 2010

Chapter 15

Their naked bodies lay tangled together, completely exhausted and glistening with sweat. Neither of them could tear their eyes off of the other. Peaceful, perfect silence was the only thing between them. Kris finally closed his eyes and smiled.
"I can't believe we waited so long to do that. What were we thinking?"
"Obviously we weren't thinking," Brie managed though she was still slightly breathless.
"No, someone was too stubborn to admit her true feelings," he teased.
"I think we're both guilty of that! Besides, I don't think it would have been this...amazing if we hadn't gone through everything. This was absolutely perfect Kristopher, and I wouldn't trade it for anything."
She stretched her neck up and kissed him softly and sweetly. She loved the feel of his lips on hers; hell she loved the feel of his naked body against hers! That sweet kiss quickly turned passionate and full of expectation.
His hands traced the lines of her body; she let her hands roam freely over his sculpted torso; and their lips never parted. She rolled them over, landing on top of him and straddling his legs. Looking down at him, her heart was so full of love and her eyes were full of...him.
'This is as good as it gets' she thought to herself. 'I could just stay right here and look at his gorgeous, tightly muscled body forever.'
Her thoughts drifted back to what his body was doing to her only an hour earlier and she felt her excitement dripping from between her legs. Kristopher's excitement was quickly becoming evident as well.
She leaned down and kiss him; first his lips, then slowly she made her way along his perfectly chiseled jaw line to the sweet, very ticklish spot on his neck, down over his shoulders and the length of his arm and back up again only to start her way down his chest towards the promise land.
"Mmmmmm chérie," he moaned. "You're killing me. I can't take anymore."
He tried to flip her over but Brie was having none of it.
"Nuh uh Coconut, it's my turn. Sit back and enjoy the ride."
She started rocking her hips back and forth, teasing his tip with her warm, wet opening.
"God Brie, please," he begged, "I can't take your teasing a second more."
"Yes sir," she whispered before slowly easing the full length of him inside her.
Kris' eyes rolled back in his head and the sound that escaped his lips sounded like a carnal caged animal desperate to break free and it only turned her on more.
"Oh my god Brie, don't ever stop."
She obliged and kept up her rhythmic movements.
Kris marvelled at the beautiful girl that was currently eliciting feelings inside of him that he never dreamed he would feel. He had to feel her close to him so he sat up and wrapped his arms around her, never letting himself break free of her.

They both collapsed in a heap of hot, panting sweatiness and practically willed themselves to breathe.
"I'm hungry," "I'm starving," they both said at the same time.
"Shower first," Brie said as she threw one of Kris' t-shirts on and headed for the bathroom. "You coming?"

"Where do you want to go eat," she asked. "Bertoli's, Mexi's, Chinese?"
"I'd rather stay here and keep you all to myself," Kris replied sneaking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist.
"I think you've had enough of me, we need some nourishment."
"I will never, ever get enough of you," he said kissing her neck.
"If you don't stop, I'll die of starvation and we won't have to worry about it."
"Fine. How about Mexican, but can we order in?"

After eating, they curled up on the couch together.
"Tell me about Val D'Or," she purred as Kris ran his fingers through her hair.
He told her about his first year away from home; the highs, the lows and all about the Kellys.
"I want to take you there to meet them and so you can see where I am when I'm away from you. I want you to know about my life there."
"I would love that," she said and kissed his hand.
"Your turn. Tell me about school."
She told him what little there was to tell; classes, teachers, and the fact that she had lived her life like a hermit."
"That doesn't make me happy to hear Brie. That's not what I wanted for you. You should be living it up; getting the full university experience, new friends, parties, all that stuff."
"Oh listen to it! You spent your season hanging out with a fifty year old couple; not exactly living the life of a teenage hockey player. Besides, parties are nothing but drunken love fests with everyone trying to hook up and regretting it the next day. No thank you!"
"So this year will be different. We both got what we wanted so now we can be happy and enjoy the full experience. Deal?"
"I'm still not going to any of those stupid frat parties."
"I love you Brie."
"I will never get tired of hearing those words," she said kissing him softly. "I love you too Kristopher. When do we go to Val D'Or?"

Friday, July 9, 2010

Chapter 14

She was positive she couldn't cry anymore tears. She didn't get out of bed for two days and now after almost two weeks of moping around the house her mother had had enough. She opened Brie's bedroom door, went straight to the window and threw the curtains open.
"God damn it mother!"
"Don't you use that tone with me young lady. I have said nothing while you've roamed around this house being miserable. You haven't spoken to anyone other than grunting every once in a while and I've had enough! Get your ass out of bed and start acting like a god damn human being again. And for god sakes take a shower!" and with that, Margot LaRoche slammed her daughter's door.
Forty-five minutes later Brie emerged from the bathroom looking slightly refreshed but still weary. She sat down across the kitchen table from her mother and she pushed and steaming hot mug of coffee towards her.
"Thanks," Brie replied meekly.
"'re letting him do this to you again?"
"Mother don't. I don't want to talk about it."
"Well that's too bad," her mother replied crossly. "I stood by and watched you torture yourself last summer over him and I'm not going to do it again. For God sake Brielle, I thought you were over him? What the hell happened?"
"He told me he loved me."
The look on Margot's face was one of confusion. "But isn't that what you wanted?"
"My whole life. But like everything else, my perfect moment was ruined."

Brie explained what had happened in the backyard.
"And now I'm confused maman. I don't know who to believe! He broke my heart when he told me he didn't love me a year ago and now that he finally did tell me, it's breaking my heart all over again because he said it out of spite."
Margot placed her hand over Brie's. "Oh chérie, you are such a silly girl."
"Gee thanks mom, that's helpful."
"Why do you have to make everything so difficult? If you would have just admitted your feelings for Kristopher a long time ago this whole situation could have been avoided."
"Yes, well I didn't and now I'm in an even bigger mess."
"Non chérie, you're not looking at things clearly because you can't see through all your imaginary drama."
"I did not imagine this happening mother," Brie shouted.
"Calm down dear, I just meant that you know the answer to your dilemma, you just can't see it."
"And I suppose you can?"
"Of course I can. I've known for the last ten years. Honey Kristopher is in love with you just as much as you are in love with him."
"And what about what Rob said; that he just did it to keep me away from him?"
"Brielle, you know Kris better than you know anyone else in the entire world. You know he is completely pure of heart. Do you really think he'd say those three very special words just to keep you from a guy you don't even really like? Who has more to gain by lying Brie? You spent your entire highschool career despising Rob Taylor, and he spent his competeing with Kris for you, and now that he thinks he's got a chance with you of course he's going to lie to get you to believe whatever will drive you away from Kris and straight to him."

Brie pondered her mothers word while she sipped from her mug.
"Why do I need you to sort out my life for me? How do you know how I feel and what I think before I do?"
"I'm your mother chérie, that's my job. Now for the love of God will you please go over there and put that boy out of his misery!"
A smile crossed Brie's face for the first time in two weeks.
"Yes mother," she said jumping up from the table and giving her mother a kiss on the cheek. She bounded down the hallway before stopping and going back to the kitchen doorway.
"Yes chérie?"
"Merci. Je t'aime."
"Je t'aime aussi."


His car was in the driveway so she knew he was home. She let herself in the back door and quietly made her way through the house looking for him. As she crept down the hallway she noticed his bedroom door was closed. She opened it a crack and saw he was still sleeping.
'Odd' she thought. 'He never sleeps this late.' Years of early morning practices had all but made it impossible for him to sleep in; a quality she hated about him for no other reason than the fact that she was not a morning person.
He was on his back with one arm bent above his head and the other laying across his shirtless abdomen.
'That's new' she thought,'I've seen him shirtless before and he never looked like that!' She could feel her temperature rise and was sure she was blushing.
"Thank you Val d'Or," she said out loud and immediately cursed herself when he began to stir.
His hair flowed over his pillow and his lips slightly parted into a small smile. Dear God! She could just sit here and watch him sleep forever. He was perfect, the finest male specimen she'd ever laid eyes on.

His voice snapped her out of her little fantasy.
"Brielle, je t'aime. Veuillez ne pas me laisser."
She froze; watched him for a minute and realized he was talking in his sleep. Dreaming perhaps?
"Je vous laissera jamais coconut," she whispered. "I will never leave you."
Enough was enough. She had to get this over with. Brie gently laid down beside him, slowly inching her way closer until she was snuggled up beside him and put her head down on his arm and her hand on top of his own that graced the top of that beautifully sculpted abdomen.
He inhaled shaprly, like he was startled and opened his eyes. Looking up at him were the gorgeous blue eyes he had memorized and the lips he longed to kiss once again.
"I must be dreaming," he whispered in that gruff morning voice you get the first time you speak for the day. "Or I've died and gone to heaven and this is what an angel looks like."
She smiled up at him.
"Pretty cheesy Letang. You don't think that line's gonna work on me do you?"
"I certainly hope so."
"Well, you're lucky I'm in the mood for cheesy this morning."
"Brie I..."
"Shhhh," she said placing her finger over his lips. She stretched her neck up and he bent his neck down stopping just before their lips met.
"I love you Brielle," he whispered.
"I should have never doubted you," she whispered back before fusing their lips together in an explosive chemical reaction that had them both seeing stars.
He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him telling her he never wanted to let her go. She explored the ridges and valleys his well toned muscles made across his back; her touch sending the most amazing chill through his naturally warm body. His strong hands wound their way through her chestnut locks and she returned the gesture, having waited so many years to have a reason to caress his soft, midnight mane.
Their kiss was explosive; passionate; desperate. Her entire body was electrified and she could feel the heat developing in her lower abdomen. She could also feel the heat and excitement developing between his legs.
"Kristopher," she mummbled breathlessly pulling away so she could look in his eyes.
"Mmm hmm?"
"I am so sorry; for everything. I should have never doubted you. I love you so much."
"I waited so long to hear those words Brie. And when you finally said them; I was devestated that I had to hurt you the way I did. It almost killed me to do it Brie, but I had too."
"I know," she replied caressing the side of his face. "I understand why you did it. Thank you Kristopher. Thank you for loving me enough to let me go; for forcing me to live my life."
"There's nothing I wouldn't do for you Brielle; to make you happy."
Her sparkling smile lit up her face at his words; and she knew they were true.
"Then kiss me again," she grinned.

He was positive he had died and gone to heaven because every dream he'd ever had of her was coming true. He wanted her to know how much he loved her; he wanted her to be able to feel it when he touched her.

He tangled his fingers in her long locks and lowered his mouth onto hers; slowly and gently. He wanted her so badly but he would not let his urges get the best of him. This was about him and her and the love the two of them had shared for a lifetime.

His lips massaged hers delicately yet had a firmness behind them. When her lips parted and he slipped his tongue in her mouth she couldn't stifle her moan. Years of pent up feelings were threatening to escape from every orfus of their bodies; their bodies that clung together, holding each other as if it was their only salvation.
As his lips moved from her mouth down her jaw and to her neck she moaned out her pleasure. Tingling sensations coursed through her entire body and she was sure she would explode if she didn't have him right now.
She pulled away from him and stood beside the bed; standing over his muscular frame.
"What's wrong," he asked; concern oozing from his voice.
"Nothing," she smiles. "Everything is perfect."
"Then why are you over there," he asked swinging his legs around so he could sit in front of her.
She was trembling and hoped he wouldn't notice. She smiled down at him and without saying a word, lifted her t-shirt over hear head revealing a pale pink lace bra that looked devestating against her tanned skin.
His breath caught in his throat and he could not stifle the groan that escaped his mouth.
"My God you're beautiful Brie," he whispered pulling her towards him as he placed gentle kisses all over her abdomen.
Her turn to moan. He was killing her.
He kissed his way up her body making a brief stop at each of her breasts; kissing them gently and nipping at her taught nipples through the material of her bra. He moved further north across her chest and up to her neck until he was standing in front of her looking in her eyes. His mouth engulfed hers once again and she wrapped her arms around his neck and twisted her fingers through his luscious hair.
This time he stopped and pulled away leaving her panting for more. When she saw the devilish look in his eyes she had no doubt there was more to come. His strong hands undid the button of her jeans and the motion of him sliding his hands in the waistband undid the zipper, allowing his lips to begin the descent down her body as his hands guided her pants down her long, tanned legs until the were in a heap at her feet. She held on to his strong, broad shoulders as she pulled her feet out and he discarded her clothing by tossing them across the room.
He was on his knees in front of her and kissed her belly just above the waist of her panties.
"Mmmm you match," he growled.
She just smiled; unable to find her voice. She had imagined this moment thousands of times in her mind, but real life was far better that any of her fantasies had been.
He stood in front of her and kissed her full, pink lips again before picking her up and gently laying her down on his bed.
He stood towering over her, drinking in the image of her nearly naked body laying before him. He could have orgasmed just standing there looking at her, and it took every ounce of his self control not to ravage her body right that second.
As her big blue eyes stared up at him lovingly, he stripped himself of the shorts he was wearing and stood before her in nothing but extremely well fitted black boxer briefs.
Brie was afraid to move her eyes away from his gaze, but her desire got the best of her and she had to take in the full view that was being offered to her.
She bit her bottom lip and slowly let her eyes move down his body; ughh that body! It looked like it had been carved out of milk chocolate; meticulous attention being paid to every well defined muscle.
She felt the heat rise between her legs once more an her wetness was almost becoming unbearable.
"Kristopher, you are absolutely exquisite," she barely squeaked out.
"And you are the most beautiful creature I have ever had the priviledge of laying eyes on."
She gave him a smile that melted his heart and he laid down beside her on the bed. She turned so she was facing him and instinctually caressed his leg with hers, causing him to let out a low moan that let her know he liked what she was doing.
His hands gently caressed from her leg up her torso to her arms. Her hands explored every crevace of his perfectly toned body. He nuzzled his face into her neck and moaned out his pleasure. When his lips began the assault on her neck she reciprocated. He took the bottom of her earlobe between his teeth and quietly whispered in her ear, "I've been waiting for you for so long Brielle. I want you so damn badly it hurts."
She kissed him sweetly on the lips before offering her reply.
"I've loved you my entire life Kristopher. I have never loved anyone but you and I will never love anyone but you. I want to give myself to you completely Kris; you and only you."
He realized the magnitude of her words and was privately thanking God for giving him the strength to abstain so he would be able to give her the same gift.
"I've never...I've never wanted to be with anyone but you Brielle. I thought if I ever got the chance to be with you..." he stopped and tried to hold back his emotions but it was no use. His love for her was so intense and the fact that every wish he'd ever had was about to come true, was too much for him to hold back. Tears escaped his dark eyes.
Brie now had tears of her own and as she wiped his away, he did the same for her.
"This is everything I've ever dreamed of Brie," he whispered against her mouth.
"This is more than I ever dreamed off," she replied. "I need you Kristopher. I need to be with you; to feel you inside me. We've waited too long already, I can't wait anymore."
Arms wrapped around each other, legs twisted together and mouths came together to form one. They each knew the truth now, and as Kris made love to Brie for the first time, they both knew that this was the start of their forever.