Monday, July 26, 2010

Chapter 15

Their naked bodies lay tangled together, completely exhausted and glistening with sweat. Neither of them could tear their eyes off of the other. Peaceful, perfect silence was the only thing between them. Kris finally closed his eyes and smiled.
"I can't believe we waited so long to do that. What were we thinking?"
"Obviously we weren't thinking," Brie managed though she was still slightly breathless.
"No, someone was too stubborn to admit her true feelings," he teased.
"I think we're both guilty of that! Besides, I don't think it would have been this...amazing if we hadn't gone through everything. This was absolutely perfect Kristopher, and I wouldn't trade it for anything."
She stretched her neck up and kissed him softly and sweetly. She loved the feel of his lips on hers; hell she loved the feel of his naked body against hers! That sweet kiss quickly turned passionate and full of expectation.
His hands traced the lines of her body; she let her hands roam freely over his sculpted torso; and their lips never parted. She rolled them over, landing on top of him and straddling his legs. Looking down at him, her heart was so full of love and her eyes were full of...him.
'This is as good as it gets' she thought to herself. 'I could just stay right here and look at his gorgeous, tightly muscled body forever.'
Her thoughts drifted back to what his body was doing to her only an hour earlier and she felt her excitement dripping from between her legs. Kristopher's excitement was quickly becoming evident as well.
She leaned down and kiss him; first his lips, then slowly she made her way along his perfectly chiseled jaw line to the sweet, very ticklish spot on his neck, down over his shoulders and the length of his arm and back up again only to start her way down his chest towards the promise land.
"Mmmmmm chérie," he moaned. "You're killing me. I can't take anymore."
He tried to flip her over but Brie was having none of it.
"Nuh uh Coconut, it's my turn. Sit back and enjoy the ride."
She started rocking her hips back and forth, teasing his tip with her warm, wet opening.
"God Brie, please," he begged, "I can't take your teasing a second more."
"Yes sir," she whispered before slowly easing the full length of him inside her.
Kris' eyes rolled back in his head and the sound that escaped his lips sounded like a carnal caged animal desperate to break free and it only turned her on more.
"Oh my god Brie, don't ever stop."
She obliged and kept up her rhythmic movements.
Kris marvelled at the beautiful girl that was currently eliciting feelings inside of him that he never dreamed he would feel. He had to feel her close to him so he sat up and wrapped his arms around her, never letting himself break free of her.

They both collapsed in a heap of hot, panting sweatiness and practically willed themselves to breathe.
"I'm hungry," "I'm starving," they both said at the same time.
"Shower first," Brie said as she threw one of Kris' t-shirts on and headed for the bathroom. "You coming?"

"Where do you want to go eat," she asked. "Bertoli's, Mexi's, Chinese?"
"I'd rather stay here and keep you all to myself," Kris replied sneaking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist.
"I think you've had enough of me, we need some nourishment."
"I will never, ever get enough of you," he said kissing her neck.
"If you don't stop, I'll die of starvation and we won't have to worry about it."
"Fine. How about Mexican, but can we order in?"

After eating, they curled up on the couch together.
"Tell me about Val D'Or," she purred as Kris ran his fingers through her hair.
He told her about his first year away from home; the highs, the lows and all about the Kellys.
"I want to take you there to meet them and so you can see where I am when I'm away from you. I want you to know about my life there."
"I would love that," she said and kissed his hand.
"Your turn. Tell me about school."
She told him what little there was to tell; classes, teachers, and the fact that she had lived her life like a hermit."
"That doesn't make me happy to hear Brie. That's not what I wanted for you. You should be living it up; getting the full university experience, new friends, parties, all that stuff."
"Oh listen to it! You spent your season hanging out with a fifty year old couple; not exactly living the life of a teenage hockey player. Besides, parties are nothing but drunken love fests with everyone trying to hook up and regretting it the next day. No thank you!"
"So this year will be different. We both got what we wanted so now we can be happy and enjoy the full experience. Deal?"
"I'm still not going to any of those stupid frat parties."
"I love you Brie."
"I will never get tired of hearing those words," she said kissing him softly. "I love you too Kristopher. When do we go to Val D'Or?"


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